AgPa #32: Agnostic Fundamental Analysis (3/3)

Boosting agnostic fundamental analysis: Using machine learning to identify mispricing in European stock markets (2022)
Matthias X.Hanauer, Marina Kononova, Marc Steffen Rapp
Finance Research Letters 48, URL/SSRN

The third and final post about agnostic fundamental analysis. This week’s AGNOSTIC Paper challenges the simple linear methodology and introduces vastly improved valuation models…

  • More sophisticated valuation models yielded better performance
  • Different models emphasize different fundamental variables

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AgPa #17: European Fund Selection

Fund Selection: Sense and Sensibility (2022)
Guido Baltussen, Stan Beckers, Jan Jaap Hazenberg, Willem Van Der Scheer, CFA
Financial Analysts Journal, 78(3), 30-48, URL

Coincidentally, this week’s AGNOSTIC Paper is a pretty good sequel to the last one. The authors study the performance of globally investing mutual fund that were available for European investors between 2008 and 2020. The results are seamlessly consistent with the literature and are anything but a sales-pitch for active fund managers…

  • In aggregate, active managers underperformed the passive alternative
  • Cheap funds with good track records were more likely to outperform

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