AgPa #37: Momentum Investing – Fact and Fiction

Fact, Fiction, and Momentum Investing (2014)
Clifford Asness, Andrea Frazzini, Ronen Israel, Tobias Moskowitz
The Journal of Portfolio Management Special 40th Anniversary Issue 2014, 40(5) 75-92, URL/AQR

After examining the general Facts and Fictions about factor investing, this week’s AGNOSTIC Paper examines momentum in more detail. Specifically, the authors combat 10 misleading myths about momentum…

  • Myth 1: Momentum returns are economically not meaningful
  • Myth 2: Long-only investors cannot capture momentum
  • Myth 3: Momentum is much stronger among small-caps
  • Myth 4: Momentum does not survive trading costs
  • Myth 5: Momentum produces a huge tax bill
  • Myth 6: Momentum is better as a screen than as a factor
  • Myth 7: Momentum returns should disappear in the future
  • Myth 8: Momentum is too volatile to rely on
  • Myth 9: Different momentum measures lead to different results
  • Myth 10: There is no theory behind momentum

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AgPa #36: Factor Investing – Fact and Fiction

Fact, Fiction, and Factor Investing (2023)
Michele Aghassi, Cliff Asness, Charles Fattouche, Tobias J. Moskowitz
The Journal of Portfolio Management Quantitative Special Issue 2023, URL

Whenever AQR writes about systematic investing, it’s (in my opinion) time to listen. This one is a very good overview about factor investing. Given that this is the intellectual basis of many things I do here on the website, it perfectly fits to the series.

  • Fiction: Factor investing is just data-mining
  • Fact: Factors are risky
  • Fiction: Factor diversification doesn’t work
  • Fact: Factors work in different market regimes
  • Fiction: Factors don’t work anymore
  • Fact: Factors were and are not crowded
  • Fiction: Everyone should (and can) invest in factors
  • Fact: Factor discipline beats factor timing
  • Fact: Sticking with factors is often difficult

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