SA #4: QMOM – Best-In-Class Momentum, Now 20% Cheaper

QMOM: Best-In-Class Momentum, Now 20% Cheaper
December 30, 2022


  • Momentum is one of the best-researched systematic investing strategies and has produced significant outperformance in the past.
  • The Alpha Architect U.S. Quantitative Momentum ETF follows a differentiated investment process that delivered strong momentum exposure in the past.
  • Over the last 5 years, QMOM outperformed several other momentum exchange-traded funds and an academic benchmark from Kenneth French.
  • On December 1, 2022, Alpha Architect (the manager of QMOM) announced that they will lower the management fee from 0.49% to 0.39% per 01/31/2023.
  • This is a reduction of about 20% and makes the QMOM ETF even more attractive for investors who seek active momentum exposure.
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