SA #11: QMOM – Second-Best In The Momentum Crash of January 2023

QMOM: Second-Best In The Momentum Crash Of January 2023
February 06, 2023


  • January 2023 was brutal for momentum because many of last year’s losers suddenly outperformed – a momentum crash par excellence.
  • The Dow Jones US Market Neutral Momentum Index, a simple and transparent implementation of the long-short momentum factor, lost 19% YTD (as of February 3, 2023).
  • Most of the losses came from the short-side. The Dow Jones US Low Momentum Index, the portfolio of past losers, returned 25.68% YTD.
  • The Alpha Architect U.S. Quantitative Momentum ETF returned -0.83% YTD and underperformed the US market by >10% points. Although painful, this is still second-best in a peer-group of other momentum ETFs.
  • This speaks for the differentiated momentum process of Alpha Architect. Nobody likes bad months, but momentum crashes are actually a plausible reason why momentum worked historically and probably continues to do so in the future.
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