SA #17: IUSV – Transparent Value With Modest Active Risk

IUSV: Transparent Value With Modest Active Risk
March 29, 2023


  • The general idea behind the value factor is that a diversified portfolio of fundamentally cheap stocks should outperform over the long term.
  • Since January 2017, the iShares Core S&P U.S. Value ETF has tracked the S&P 900 Value Index and provides transparent exposure to the well-researched value premium.
  • S&P uses three well-known fundamental valuation ratios to identify and overweight “cheap” value stocks with respect to the overall market index.
  • Relying on multiple value signals is in line with the research consensus of the literature on the value factor and differentiates IUSV from some competitors.
  • Despite the recent value drawdown, IUSV kept up with a peer group and should be a reasonable instrument for investors who want to have U.S. large-cap value exposure at modest active risk.

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